Does Sony let you? Tom Holland wants Spider-Man to be the new leader of a team of MCU

The end of phase 3 of the Movie Universe Marvel has had great losses, as all three characters closed definitively its cycle, we refer to Black Widow, Captain America and Iron Man, what stops the leadership of these heroes to drift, but an actor is taking very seriously its power in Marvel Studios, so Tom … Read more

Coronavirus today: Died, Ann Sullivan, leader of ‘The little Mermaid’

The cheerleader for american, Ann Sullivan, died last Monday at 91 years of age by Covid -19. According to The Wrap, the news was confirmed by the organization the Motion Picture & Television Fund, in charge of managing aid to the workers of the film industry with limited resources. Also read: The Cardachians and Nicolás … Read more

Salma Hakey confirmed that he will be the leader of The Eternal

The mexican actress Salma Hayek talked about Ajak, his character in the upcoming movie Marvel, THE ETERNAL, which delayed its release to February 2021. Who can’t wait more, the actors are at the top of the new stink of the MCU, because in several interviews (distance) continue to reveal interesting details of the film directed … Read more

The Oscar-nominated Adam Schlesinger, leader of Fountains of Wayne, in a coma for coronavirus

While it expands the outbreak of the coronavirus across Europe and the world beyond, the demand for respirators to help patients breathe is still soaring. According to Deadline, a famous that has had to resort to this device after his own diagnosis is Adam Schlesingerthe musician and leader of the band Fountains of Wayne who … Read more

The Oppo Find 2, Pro the leader on twitter or instagram, there’s a full review of the Xiaomi Mi-10-direct – terms-of-selection

The Oppo Find 2, Pro the leader on twitter or instagram, for the full review of the Xiaomi Mi-10 Pro, but it is not directly the product of the scan The Xiaomi Mi-10: the date for Europe The new Smartphone, Xiaomi: for More Details on the next-to-price-performance-Kracher-Gig, appeared The Xiaomi Mi-Note-10-vs-Oppo-Rhine 2-comparison of the … Read more