Agreement reached between Tyler and T1

The famous League of Legends streamer Tyler Steinkamp has officially signed a contract with the T1 team, in which he will appear as content creator from today. The American Class 1995 (strong of more than 3.5 million of Followers of Twitch ) is then in one of the most famous in the world sportive organizations (probably the best known) and goes to join the … Read more

LEC: Orome and Shadow may be leaving MAD Lions

The LoL market has not yet entered its heart, but the first rumors for the next season of LEC are already starting to circulate. The first to move in this direction could be the  MAD Lions who, after the disappointing performances at the  Worlds 2020, is in the process of making changes. The toplaner  Orome and the jungler  Shadow (both ex Outplayed ) would be about … Read more

LOL, changes to mythic items in the PBE: here are the official comments from the devs

Mythical Objects – The developers of League of Legends have recently returned to talk about the future of LOL through a specific post published on the official website. This time the devs wanted to talk to us about mythic items, the fact that a new one will be added soon, and that all support items will receive a … Read more

Lor book: review of the volume dedicated to the Runeterra universe!

Lor Book – Today I will talk to you about something closely related to Lor and the world of League of Legends, but which will certainly be different from usual! As many of you know, the champions, in general, the cards of our favorite game, are based on the universe of League of Legends: ” League of Legends engages every player in … Read more

League of Legends, 79% of Players Were Annoyed After the End of a Match

A recent poll of League of Legends players found that 79% of them were annoyed after the end of a match. A recent poll of League of Legends players found that 79% of them were annoyed after the end of a match. A very high figure, which highlights the unpleasant features of this large gaming community. Some even take help by getting … Read more