Legends of Runeterra: nerfs are coming to Bilgewater

Bilgewater Nerf – Other important balances seem to be coming to Legends of Runeterra, especially as regards the future patch 1.14. In the opinion of Steve Rubin, Live Design Lead of the Riot card game, we should in fact see several changes that will directly affect a region of LOR … Bilgewater. Although we have no confirmation or indication on what (or those) … Read more

Legends of Runeterra: new expansion teaser and many new features coming soon

Legends of Runeterra Expansion – The developers of Riot have unveiled the new teaser relating to the Monuments of Power expansion, the second part of the “ Call of the Mountain ” that we should see in action starting from next October 14th. With this new content, the new Landmarks cards will be introduced, cards that cannot attack or be attacked, that … Read more