Joaquin Phoenix and John Legend’s call for amnesty for prisoners vulnerable | Journal of Mexico

Drafting. As part of their support to a campaign driven by Release Aging People In Prison, a civilian organization that supports the prisoners of the third age to obtain the pardon, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and John Legend made a couple of videos in the requesting Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, was put in … Read more

Who are the legends of women’s soccer in the world? The Century of Torreon

The women’s soccer saved him countless stories of oppression and struggle that would be impossible to tell without the women who fought for their passion and their rights for many years. The league, the contracts and the salaries that now are considered normal, came thanks to the tireless battle that the idols got in and … Read more

The emotional farewells of Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Beware of SPOILERS! *This article contains SPOILERS from the episode 5×08 of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ The producers of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ announced that two leading actors of his series on the left in the fifth season. That time has come. Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, the couple inside and outside of the screen has been … Read more

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has a cameo very special ‘Supernatural’

It would not be strange that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ had a crossover itself separate from the ‘Arrowverso’. Although this has not been completely the case, it has had a small cameo in the series ‘Supernatural’ and so were the photos released by CW through TVLine. Neither Sam nor Dean to the view, but there is … Read more

The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond, and other curiosities of ‘Legends of passion’

In the mid-nineties of last century, Hollywood and the production system of the big studios still on the line to stand up for big names to put on their posters, with the intention of attracting audiences to the cinema halls. And if there was a genre that, historically, had a long journey in terms of … Read more