The picture of the past of Beyonce, JLo and Shakira showing that her hips don’t lie

This picture is causing a sensation on the social networks. Beyoncé, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are three of the singers most successful and iconic in the world, and a picture of the past has been viralizado in networks. In the image appear the three singers posing embraced, showing off their stunning bodies and toned abdomen. … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence denies that lie down with Harvey Weinstein | People and Celebrity

After a year of the wave of accusations against Harvey Weinstein for his inappropriate behavior with numerous women, it is not strange that the producer alardeara of their conquests with their friends, but less expected is that do it also to persuade their own victims. Jane Doe, as referred to by the complainant anonymous, which … Read more

Rosalia imitates Shakira perfectly with the song Hips Don t Lie during interview with Elle | eint | Shows

Rosalia has gone viral in recent days after making a spectacular imitation of Shakira during an interview. The Spanish singer of 26 years, who is going on in Miami in confinement, he spoke with the popular magazine Elle, where she participated in a fun challenge in throwing a word and she had to associate it … Read more

“Frida doesn’t lie”, the overwhelming response of Beatriz Pasquel on problem with the Guzman

For many it has been difficult to adapt to the new routine since that was implemented voluntary isolation because of the Covid-19and thinking of the smaller ones home, who are the first to experience changes, we took on the task of search tips that will help dads to to cope with the confinement with their … Read more

“It will be the lie, the ms big of the planet”: The disconcerting message of Mau and Ricky to their Fans

The plenty of time during the mandatory quarantine has caused many of us to go to the drawer of memories and we have poignant moments. The children of Ricardo Montaner they decided to share their nostlgico time through social networks and thrilled all their followers Related News This was the case do musical Mau and … Read more

North West confronts Kim Kardashian and ensures that you lie on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is locked from weeks ago in his mansion in Los Angeles along with their four children, all under seven years old, and trying to manage his multibillion-dollar empire in the distance. In your case, that means keep updating your social networks such as Instagram often to deliver content to their fans, but it … Read more

The lie the more fat counted in Save me sinking Carlota Corredera (and company)

March 20, 2020 (16:42 CET) A lot of people is against Save me from a really long time ago and in these times of confinement, it seems that Carlota Corredera he has not done any favors to the program of Telecinco with a few statements that are very controversial. And is that the presenter wanted … Read more

Jackal and Lenier released the remix of “The lie” next to the puerto rican Divine

The union between artists of the genre, urban has become one of the success formulas most common in the world of reggaeton, both national and international. One of the last singers of reggaeton on the Island that have been added to use the popular trend of merging their individual styles and voices, have been the … Read more

The fatal lie of Ana Obregon on Álex Lequio that unclogs the father sunk

12 of march 2020 (17:36 CET) Álex Lequio continues his fight against cancer and now totals two years. A couple of weeks ago Ana Obregón was trying to reassure his followers and to the media revealing that it was a simple gastroenteritis and had to be admitted by having the defenses low. On the contrary, … Read more