Lisa Kudrow is just as excited as us for the meeting of the ‘Friends’

Becomes “Friends” with a special 0:44 (CNN) — You feel, Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow recently spoke with “Entertainment Tonight” about the planned meeting of “Friends” and said: “I can Not wait for that to happen”. “The six we have not been together in a room in front of other people in 25 years and only once … Read more

How would you handle Phoebe quarantine? Lisa Kudrow talks about the Covid-19-reunion of Friends

Lisa Kudrow, the actress who gave life to Phoebe in Friends, talks about meeting the cast and the special chapter. We tell you all the details here: Lisa Kudrow she made us laugh, and we caused all kinds of emotions with his role as Phoebe, in the series most famous people in the world: Friends. … Read more

“I don’t have a cast only white”: Lisa Kudrow defended “Friends” to the hilt

After 16 years, “Friends” shapes up as the series most acclaimed of all time. As well as the fiction has to tow an impressive legion of fans, on some occasions, skips one another detractor. However, Lisa Kudrowwho personifico to the eccentric “Phoebe Buffay”, gave an interview to the international press in which he defended to … Read more

Zoe Kravitz posts a picture of youth of Lisa Bonet that shows how much he looks like his mother

Hollywood actors have been the most tender to congratulate their respective progenitor for the Mother’s day. And Zoe Kravitz, who is still waiting is resumed shooting ‘The Batman’ while in quarantine, you must miss yours. Lisa Bonet it away from your eldest daughter while he remains in confinement along with her current husband, Jason Momoa, … Read more

Request twisted to The Simpsons ends with the solidarity Lisa

Paul McCartney keeps his attention in the series The series of Matt Groening it has planted a milestone without from in the animation series. The Simpsons not only have they achieved an international success, but also that, accumulated over 30 years of broadcast. The series has left moments emblematic for posterity, and also great lessons … Read more

K-Pop: Criticize Lisa BLACKPINK for being “strict” as a choreographer

K-Pop: Criticize Lisa BLACKPINK for being “strict” as a choreographer Lisa of BLACKPINK has demonstrated from the beginning of his career, one of his best skills is the dancing, so that was chosen as an instructor in the program “Youth with you,” however, have been criticized for being “strict” with the participants. “Youth with you”it … Read more