Lana Del Rey Slams Critics In A Long Instagram Post

The singer Lana Del Rey, took to his Instagram early Thursday to announce his new album and slam his critics. The King of the post stated that he was “fed up” after allegations of the singer was “the exaltation of the abuse.” The King began his statement by name-checking fellow female singer-songwriters and highlighting your … Read more

The look “quarantine” of Brad Pitt: long hair, clothes entrecasa and roots grown

The look quarantine Brad Pitt: long hair and roots grown Credit: Agencies Once more, Brad Pitt showed that, despite the fame, the talent and the beauty, it is a normal human being who lives the same situations that the rest of the world. In the last few hours, the actor was seen on the streets … Read more

Hairstyles of Kylie Jenner they are perfect for women with hair super long

In the world of beauty there are great alternatives for all tastes and manes, sample of this are the hairstyles that has brought the famous entrepreneur Kylie Jenner and that are ideal for the hair that is very long, so if you got it this way and you are looking for different options, these can … Read more

This is what Serena Williams will do as long as the tennis is suspended

Serena Williams revealed how to replace your workout time tennis in the conditions after the suspension all the tournaments during the next six weeks. This means that the following events of the WTA will not be held due to the outbreak of COVID-19: Guadalajara, Miami, Charleston and Bogota. As a busy woman, Serena can’t complain … Read more

Sophie Turner, pregnancy and a long break a year after ‘Game of thrones’ | People

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are going to be parents we have known since February, when contacted with your family and friends to give them the great news. Something that was echoed by the u.s. media and what marriage preferred not to speak publicly. However, since a few months have passed and the state of … Read more

Selena Gomez broke the jean just right there behind it And did not take long to photograph it!

In social networks, emerged an old photo of Selena Gomez during a press conference, and photos with the followers of the singer; but with new detail. He had broken the jean and look at it from what angle the captured! May 03, 2020 · 20:56 hs Selena Gomez enjoy your music, your family, and not … Read more