It deserves an award! The nails of Rihanna have caused controversy, they Are the longest in the world!

Rihanna once again stole the show What a beautiful! April 08, 2020 · 18:53 hs Some of the celebrities most beautiful in the world has published a photo on his official instagram, this is my beloved Rihanna who once again stole the attention of everyone As always! The image of which we speak, has been … Read more

‘The flower’, the longest of the movies of the story, comes to Netflix by the coronavirus

12 hours are that you’re going to need to have free to see ‘The flower’, the cult film by the argentine director Mariano Llinás. And we know that you have, what else you got better to do right now. The tape of 720 minutes, divided into three parts of 240 minutes each, is available on … Read more

It’s Bikini thread! What the longest legs in Spain? Lydia Lozano with the mouth open

March 18, 2020 (15:15 CET) There are certain celebrities who, even before giving you click the publish button, known good ink that some photos are going to give a lot to talk about. Big names like Cristina Pedroche, Pillar Rubio or Paula Echevarría are a good example of this. However, it also happens the same … Read more