Actors who have achieved an incredible resemblance to his character, Jennifer Lopez and more

Video: Latinx Now! Spanish Your browser does not support iframes. Are we seeing double? These famous got to be like two drops of water with the role that was played. Christian Bale looked unrecognizable in “Vice”, the film in which embodies Dick Cheneand, former vice president of the united States. The actor is famous for … Read more

This is how Jennifer Lopez joins ‘Black Out Tuesday’ in support of Black Lives Matter

The Diva from the Bronx showed solidarity with the cause that moves to the united States now Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Jennifer Lopez it has been expressed on social media about the movement of Black Lives Matter that has been manifested against the brutality of the authorities against the african-american … Read more

The powerful legs of Jennifer Lopez at the age of 50 (and this is its secret)

June 01, 2020 (18:39 CET) Jennifer Lopez you have two maxims to be in top shape and keep your body at 50 years of age. Physical exercise and healthy and balanced diet. For the former has two coaches. One in Los Angeles, Californiacalled Tracy Andersonand another , in New Yorkcalled David Kirsch. In addition, between … Read more

Jennifer Lopez shows itself to be against racism in the united States

Jennifer Lopez shows itself to be against racism in the united States From several days ago United States live moments of struggle, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, in this sense, we have raised protests against racism, and the artists are no strangers, specifically Jennifer Lopez he has … Read more

What reconciliation? Ben Affleck is sorry and wants to win back Jennifer Lopez

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Video Jennifer Lopez shows support without no penalty in Tiktok

Video Jennifer Lopez shows support without no penalty in Tiktok | Instagram Jennifer Lopez has impressed Tiktok not only impusiendo a new challenge, if not that in addition to exhibited their support, without no penalty. The bride Alex Rodriguez danced in a spectacular way in the famous social network where it was thought that his … Read more

Jennifer Lopez: These are the 3 entries more views of World of Dance

Already launched, the successful television program, directed by the famous Jennifer Lopez “World of Dance” in its fourth season. This reality show is one of the dance competitions, accuracy and athletics more view in the world. And is known for its variety of styles like: hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, real-dance and more. The participants, compete to … Read more

In quarantine, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, were filmed at a distance and over, “Marry me”

More news of protagonists At a distance: he is from Colombia, and she from the united States. In this way, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, were filmed for the coronavirus not stop them from to finish the shooting of “Marry me” (Marry me). The new foray into the cinema of JLo is this romantic comedy that … Read more