Jennifer Lawrence: how has lose is to what role he has to win an Oscar

David O. Russell, the host of the Tribeca Film Festival with Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the actress almost, with which you won the Oscar. MESSAGE of MARICA LANCELLOTTI — 29/04/2019 Jennifer Lawrence has won Oscar with only 23 years of age with the film, on The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook. But, according to … Read more

The tropical rain forests in the Amazon and in Africa, to take up less CO2 emissions than 30 years ago, the tropical rainforest, in the buffer, you will lose the effect of scinexx

An alarming new Trend: The “green lung” of our planet will begin to fade. In the large tropical forests of Africa and South America in order to take in a lot less carbon dioxide than 30 years ago. Well, you’ve already lost a third of its buffering effect on the climate system, such as the … Read more

In the form or should I lose weight? Britney Spears showed beach photo in bikini, and followers appreciated

“She’s back”, “It’s Britney on the beach, with… Well, you understand”, “Class”, “Britney, show them all!” “I hope you’re well, you look great”, “Enjoy life, Britt, and stop listening to others”, — write in comments followers. However, other again accuse Spears that she was heavier and not similar to the former pop Princess, who conquered … Read more