The photo of Jennifer Aniston with a dog that goes mad to the social networks

March 28, 2020 (17:20 CET) In these days in which the world is living in between the anxiety and the hopelessness is always good to see someone who inspires happiness and Jennifer Aniston it is one of those people. The smile that was “the wedding of the united States” always has captivated all and if … Read more

‘Mad Max’: Anya Taylor-Joy could be the protagonist of the spin-off of Furious

Five years ago, was premiered in the movie theaters ‘Mad Max: Fury road’, in which we were able to see for the first time Imperator Furious, played by Charlize Theron. Since then, rumors about a possible movie focusing on Furious have not done more to growand even have been driven by George Miller, the director … Read more

‘Mad Max’: Richard Madden and Jodie Eat sound to star in the prequel of Angry

Since ‘Mad Max: Fury road’ to resurrect and reinvent the series ‘Mad Max’ in 2015, the announcement of new films, despite the fact that they confirmed, it is doing to pray. In these last few weeks, rumors about a prequel focusing on Furious, the character of Charlize Theron, has sounded stronger than ever. And, despite … Read more