“The mask should be reserved for those most in need”, asks the WHO

“There is No binary response or solution miracle. The mask alone cannot stop the coronavirus“, stressed the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusduring a press conference on telematics from Geneva this Monday. In addition, their use should be reserved for the health professionals due to shortages, and you can be “justified” among the population … Read more

“We are already in phase 3 by Covid-19”; analyze mask mandatory

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Tamaulipas is already in phase 3 of the pandemic by the Covid-19, reported the head of the state Health Gloria Molina Gamboa. “We are already in stage 3. There are already local transmission that you no longer have to see the presentation of the cases with people from abroad, this means that … Read more

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra Medellin// Jay Z was in charge of the supply of face mask some of the prisons of the united States

With information of The Farandi The surgical masks were sent to the penitentiary of Mississippi. In the Department of Corrections of Tennessee also the received and in the Correctional Rikers Island, New York; the latter with greater suffering therefore add up to more than 400 positive cases of coronavirus between staff and inmates The pandemic … Read more

Alexa Dellanos cover face with a mask but lets see it from there!

Although it may seem a lie Billie Eilish and Alexa Dellanos put the mask of fashion some time ago, but with purposes quite different to their current use. Today Alexa following the line of extravagance that characterized it has since a mask decoratedalthough the whole view of the world focuses in another place. Is confined … Read more