Elton John and Paul McCartney in the world, One World Together

Mexico city, 15 Apr.- The international organization of defense Global Citizenannounces an expanded list of artists that will appear in the transmission world One World: Together At Home, which will be held in support of the global response to the Covid-19directed by the World Health organization. The artists announced include Alicia Keys, Amy Poehler, Awkwafina, … Read more

The Saga | Paul McCartney calls for closure of animal markets in China

In a talk recently that was of Paul McCartney, Howard Stern, the former beatle talked about the coronavirus. All the theories suggest that the coronavirus came from the city of Wuhan in China after a person eats soup of bat in a street market where you tend to prepare food with wild animals, in light … Read more

Coronavirus: there is a show of solidarity with Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and other figures

With the participation of Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Maluma and Elton John, among other artists, this Saturday the 18th will be held the festival virtual One World: Together At Home, which has the guardianship of Lady Gaga and will be transmitted by various signal cable from the 21, as E! Entertainment, MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount … Read more

WHO announces festival with Paul McCartney and Elton John, among other artists

To the health emergency that is lived in the world, various organizations have organized events and activities of music for people to enjoy from their homes. In that context, now is the World Health organization (WHO) who surprised with a festival not to be missed. This is the “One World: Together at home”a festival via … Read more

Pogopedia / Eddie Vedder, Billie Joe Armstrong and Paul McCartney will take part in a charity event against the coronavirus

In the framework of the pandemic that is affecting humanity this 2020, the coronavirus, emerged a new charity event that will seek to raise funds to help combat it. The World Health organization and Global Citizenwill do the next Saturday 18 of April the ‘One World: Together at Home’; a meeting of personalities in which, … Read more

When and how to see the concert in Mexico Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and more? | Music

This weekend he will perform a special musical to raise awareness about the COVID-19, Czech when you see it in Mexico All around the world are joined forces to fight against the coronavirus and raise funds for those most affected by the COVID-19, as well as to put together medical equipment. One of the most … Read more

Lady Gaga prepares for a concert alongside Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, among others

Photo: Lady Gaga organises concert to raise funds for the coronavirus / EFE Lady Gaga is preparing a concert to raise funds to fight the coronavirus, which will be accompanied by Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and apparently all the famous people of the bottom. The event “One World: Together at Home special” is transmitted simultaneously … Read more

Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney and Elton John will sing against coronavirus

Lady Gaga unveiled the event One World: Together At Home, which will be a concert which will have as its purpose is to support health workers who are helping with the pandemic Covid-19. The show will have the collaboration of artists such as Paul McCartneyBillie Eilish, Elton John, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam, Stevie … Read more

Lady Gaga announces event with Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and more, to fight against the coronavirus

6 apr (Reuters) – The superstar pop Lady Gaga announced on Monday a television broadcast that will feature Paul McCartney, Lizzo, Billie Eilish and other artists to support the health workers that deal with the global outbreak of coronavirus. The event, called “One World: Together at Home”, will be broadcast on multiple television networks and … Read more