Message queen Elizabeth II coronavirus: meaning color clothes

For the fourth time in all of history, the queen Elizabeth II gave a television message to the british people in which he spoke about the situation of the coronavirus not only in Uk but in the world. If her message was applauded for providing safety and comfort in this difficult time, something that many … Read more

Selena Gomez clarified the meaning of his new song “Boyfriend”

The singer and actress Selana Gomezpublished through his official account of Instagram a story that was well saved. With an exact date, April 9, announced the lazamiento of his new song called “Boyfriend” and said that “it Is a happy song about fall and re-rise again and again in love.’ Although the new tune will … Read more

Offline Dandy Turner feat. Blond: audio, text, and meaning

Offline Dandy Turner feat. Blond: audio, text, and meaning This site uses cookies to profiling for advertising purposes. If you want to know more or refuse consent to all or some cookies click here. If you continue browsing or close this toolbar, you agree to the use of cookies. Following the entry into force of … Read more

The costumes Anitta with a double meaning: sensuality, and commitment

What is certain is that in the last few days there has been another that Anitta the who has shown he has a talent more special to marketing with content of struggle. And it is that, with the excuse of the famous brazilian carnival, the singer carioca has been popping up over Instagram with a … Read more