These are the measures of prevention that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas take to the coronavirus

After be released a couple of weeks Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner they were expecting their first child, the couple now decided to take extreme measures against the epidemic COVID-19. Through its account of Instagram Sophie and Joe shared a photo in which showed the preventive measures that have been taken, since the couple appears … Read more

Cardi B is not confident in the measures of prevention before the COVID-19

The rapper shared a moment with their followers through a live broadcast from your account of Instagram. Cardi Blike the majority of the population in the united States, located in your home as part of the quarantine that the country has been suggested to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This pause to their activities … Read more

Salma Hayek against the coronavirus: the actress shared a funny method to follow the hygiene measures

With his unique sense of humor, the mexican actress, Salma Hayek, suggested the funny method that applies when the people around you do not follow the hygiene measures during the pandemic coronavirus. The native of Veracruz used his account of Instagram to disseminate the actions that, according to her, are necessary; also involved another famous … Read more

Duke is not a third representative to take better measures in front of the Covid-19

Through Facebook and web portals has spread the alleged news that the president Iván Duque “finished in third place in the world as the agent that has taken the best decisions when faced with the pandemic of the COVID-19”. The journal barranquillero The Freedom he shared the same information on April 5 and noted that … Read more

Use of masks should be accompanied by measures of hygiene and distancing to be effective against the coronavirus, says WHO

One of the most effective measures against the coronavirus is the washing proper hands. (Photo: Newspaper PL) “There is No binary response, or solution miracle. The masks alone can not curb the pandemic of covid-19″, stressed the director of the World Organization of Health, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during a press conference on telematics from Geneva … Read more

BTS: Big Hit surprises the ARMY with new measures to protect the idols

BTS: Big Hit surprises the ARMY with new measures to protect the idols Big Hit Entertainment he had received a huge amount of requests ARMY of BTSto apply for best protection measures against the cyber-bullying that could get the idols in social networks, something that the agency, south Korean confirmed to make actually through an … Read more

Program Today: producer of Televisa takes precautionary measures by the coronavirus

Program Today: producer of Televisa takes precautionary measures by the coronavirus Through an interview, the famous producer Magda Rodriguez who is in charge of the program “Today” of Televisa, revealed that after the epidemic of the coronavirus take the measures of caution, because first and foremost is the health of the workers who come to … Read more

The fair takes place – measures to protect against Coronavirus • Nintendo Connect

After no more than a 3 year 2020 was cancelled, and now it’s also the nature of the Place of the game in 2020, but the Koelnmesse to take in the advance of preventive measures for the protection of the participants in front of the Coronavirus. At the Leipzig book fair and the ITB’s are … Read more