The lawyer of Diana of Wales defends Meghan Markle of the british tabloids | People

The dukes of Sussex want to do everything different. Have changed the cold corridors of Buckingham for sunny California, and the titles of royal highness by an entrepreneurial flair and the media. This has led them to awaken, not to hide and to publicly criticize those who they go against. That’s why Meghan Markle, accompanied … Read more

Harry and Meghan are fleeing from the british press to be installed in “a hotbed of paparazzi” in Malibu

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abandoned not only London but a whole way of life in order to escape the paparazzi. Themselves as well explained. Harry was not going to consent that his wife was harassed to the level that it was his mother, Lady Di, and was willing to do whatever was needed. However, … Read more

Serena Williams jokes about not knowing her BFF Meghan Markle in a chat with Naomi Campbell

Serena Williams she was invited to her wedding with the prince Harry in 2018, was one of the attendees at your baby shower and even it was rumored that it could be godmother to her son Archie. But when they asked the tennis star by Meghan Markleassured that she had no idea who he was. … Read more

Not the know – Serena Williams makes a mockery of her friend, Meghan Markle

The 23-time champion of Grand Slam Serena Williams and the duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, have been good friends, and recently, Markle moved to the country of origin of Williams. Markle and her husband, prince Harry, walked away from the royal family in the Uk, initially moved to Canada and then flew to Los Angeles, … Read more

Meghan Markle reminds us that these running shoes are a basic essential

The fashion world not to tempt us with new releases and trends, although there are some garments that are placed in a special category. We refer to these basic timeless, season after season, are maintained as key pieces of a good styling. Maybe there are years in which we see them more often these proposals, … Read more

Of Meghan Markle Margot Robbie: we locate the favorite perfumes of the ‘celebrity world’ | News

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Meghan Markle will give his first interview on tv since leaving the royals

They say that the big stars are always converted into myth because the fans create any kind of stories are not proven around their idols. Without a doubt, Luis Miguel it has already been mythologized; his fame is so great that the press have not ceased to learn more about his life. “The Sun” has … Read more