Kiko Hernández uncovers the mess of bed of a presenter of Antena 3 and him!

March 05, 2020 (15:17 CET) Viewers of Survivors did not have many hopes in this new edition due to your amount of characters to “anonymous” for the public at large. However, it has been a genuine revolution with fees very surprising to be in the first week. One of the signings most discussed has been … Read more

“Have spent the night together.” Antonio David warned. Mess of bed in Survivors

04 march 2020 (14:56 CET) Survivors 2020, as always, is reporting big audience data to Telecinco and to all spaces, such as Save me, that feed the reality tv star of the chain. Although the majority of contestants are anonymous to the public at large are showing they can give a lot to talk about. … Read more