Message Maluma his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich, on your birthday

Although the ratio of Maluma with the Croatian model Natalia Barulich came to an end in October 2019the ‘Pretty Boy’ not missed the opportunity to send a loving message to his ex-girlfriend, who is birthday. By means of a story in its account of Instagram, the interpreter of ‘HP’ shared a picture of Barulich and … Read more

Aren’t they cute? Katy Perry dedicated a tender message to Orlando Bloom after expiry of one year of your commitment

Katy Perry wants to shout to the world the great love he feels for Orlando Bloom. The singer of ‘Dark horse’ turned to their social networks to devote a tender message to her fiancé and actor The lord of the rings, who promised a little more than a year. GET HOOKED TO RADIO PLANET LIVE … Read more

Anuel AA launches message to his “enemies” assuming again their luxury cars

Anuel AA him back to do it again, and addressed a new message to his “enemies”, nothing more and nothing less than showing off the other while their luxury cars. May 28, 2020 · 06:14 hs Anuel AA is quite a character. From his extravagant way of being, until his statements that not all like … Read more

The loving message of Salma Hayek to celebrate the birthday of her husband

The couple renewed in 2018 their wedding vows in a surprise ceremony (Photo: Shutterstock) Salma Hayek celebrated the birthday of her husband, François-Henri Pinault being very effusive to congratulate you in your anniversary number 58. The actress and producer mexican, published a moving photo in their social networks where it appears giving him a kiss … Read more

Katy Perry: the message that test was done a friend of the ex of her boyfriend; mature level God

Katy Perry: the message that test was done a friend of the ex of her boyfriend; mature level God. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM The maturity level God that show Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr, shocked and thrilled all followers of the singer. And that is, in the most recent issue of Katy in your social network … Read more

Jennifer Lopez plays “like a girl” in the rain, and he leaves us an important message –

The former slugger shared a video of your partner that shows you enjoying the rain Álex Rodríguez (44) published on their social networks to their partner Jennifer Lopez (50), playing in the rain “like a girl” and then taking a dip in the pool. Dressed in entrecasa and under the rain, JLo sported while her … Read more

The last message of Zara Abid, a model that died in the air crash

An airplane accident occurred in Pakistan this day ended the life of more than one hundred persons, among them the one of the model pakistani Zara Abid. Circulating on the Internet the last message that you typed in your social networks Zara Abid, who unfortunately lost his life in the accident. Zara was only 28 … Read more

This is the message that Bella Thorne sends him, between tears, to Whoopi Goldberg

Posted at 19:12 ET (23:12 GMT) Thursday, 20 June, 2019 Playing 1:27 Posted at 23:21 ET (03:21 GMT) Wednesday, 27 may, 2020 1:37 Posted at 20:38 ET (00:38 GMT) Wednesday, 27 may, 2020 0:23 Posted at 15:55 ET (19:55 GMT) Tuesday, 26 may, 2020 0:29 Posted at 15:11 ET (19:11 GMT) Monday, 25 may, 2020 … Read more

The loving message of Katy Perry to Orlando Bloom for your meets!

By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico Singer Katy Perry has spared no praise to describe to its still-promised, the famed Orlando Bloom, on the occasion of the day in which the interpreter british meets a very well kept 43 years. So much so, that in addition to claim the heart as “pure” that has been displaying your … Read more

Alexa Dellanos shares tender photo and message for Myrka Dellanos on her birthday

Alexa Dellanos celebrated the birthday of her mom Myrka Dellanos sharing a series of photos from various moments of his life. The most entertaining was one where Alexa was a little girl in the arms of the journalist. The young star of Instagram the dedicated a few beautiful words in the digital platform of expressing … Read more