Microsoft Office 365: Skype, as well as the team get closer to the end of the first quarter

Image: Microsoft As of the end of March, the Skype team and platform from the user, you should be able to cross-communicate using the Office 365 with one another. Once the function has been enabled in Office 365, the Administrator, the users of Skype, as well as, team chat, and your VoIP you can make … Read more

She is the chief operating OFFICER of Microsoft Germany

At Microsoft in Germany, a change in leadership, it is Christine’s main leads to of 1. April, in the areas of Marketing, Operations, and SME-clients, as the Director of operations. The primary responsibility of the company’s business. During this role, she was a member of the Board of directors of the Executive committee and reports … Read more

Microsoft: the Linux Kernel is the most up-to-date the Samsung drivers for the Exfat file system

The maintainer of the file system infrastructure of the Linux Kernel: Al Viro added the most up-to-date a Samsung driver Code for Exfat in their field of development. A publication of the next Version of Linux 5.7 is just as good as an insurance policy. This is the Version of the Kernel it will be … Read more

Powertoys for Windows 10: Microsoft rolls out four all-new Tools

Hans-Christian Dirscherl Microsoft wants to publish it, with the PowerToys, and 0.16 for Windows 10 will have four new Tools. Zoom in Windows 10 Tool Collection © The next major Upgrade of the power toys for Windows 10 it will bring the version number to 0.16. Even though the release date is not fixed, … Read more