The teams on the Microsoft web site: user numbers explode because of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is, and continues to be, well, this past week, the dominant theme that it’s not going to change just as quickly. Many of the companies that you need to reschedule, therefore, to send his officials to the house. It also requires the transition of the communication. In practice, this means that many people … Read more

Windows 10: Microsoft is the Transmission of telemetry data, the new names are

To Capture the telemetry data in Windows 10 since the introduction of the controversial – not least because of the lack of the ability to disable the collection entirely, and I was soon on the data pads. The participants of the Windows Insider program that gives you access to a sneak preview of the next … Read more

Microsoft Powershell and 7.0 was introduced, and was released

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the new PowerShell output. For Windows 7 and higher, and other operating systems that are ready-to-use Framework for automation of configuration and management can now be found in Version 7.0 are used. The company from Redmond has announced the General Availability (GA) shell 7.0, Joey Aiello, Program Manager at … Read more

Microsoft: Powershell, 7 it appears as a uniform platform to Support

Microsoft has released the Powershell the 7, as the publisher writes on its Blog. Already, about a year ago, we’ve had the initial plans for the new Version, which is aimed at bridging the increasing gap between the existing users of the old technology and the new users on the new technology. We are confident … Read more

Microsoft has released Version 7.0 as a new Major Release – Update-1 ” Dr-Windows

In a nutshell: After a long period of development, the new PowerShell 7.0 is now available for all users. The new Version is based on .NET-Core-3.1.2 and brings some great new features, including a streamlined system, and a dynamic error to view the notifications, for new releases, Pipeline, Parallelization, and some of the new entrants. … Read more

Microsoft 365: the Teams, the integrated automatic recognition of the speech, and Outlook

Microsoft is expanding its software communication equipment and a variety of new features. The company, for example, in order to integrate the e-mail client, Outlook, directly from within the program. This means that users can send to their colleagues quickly and directly by E-Mail. This is useful because many of the Teams, users, e-Mail addresses … Read more