Steffi Mendez captivated with photography in a bikini in the middle of their quarantine

Steffi Mendezthe daughter of the chilean singer DJ Mendez, is an active user of social networks, especially Instagram, a platform where account with over a million followers. It was precisely in this social network where the young woman surprised her fans with a revealing picture in a bikini, in the style of the celebrity american … Read more

“We will mark it out of there!”. Katy Perry does not use it and the photograph in the middle of the street!

January 30, 2020 (20:32 CET) Katy Perry has become to surprise the whole world with a outfit sports that no one expected. The american singer has been captured by the paparazzi on her way to the gym with a clothes tight. And is that Katy Perry has stayed with him, all marked with that clothes … Read more

Kendall Jenner receives marriage proposal in the middle of the street

In a video published by the website of E! News you can see this brave, that said that is called Johnwhen supported on one knee and proposed marriage to the súpermodelo. Kendall very friendly replied: “I don’t even know your name. Nice to meet you, you seem very nice.” After telling her politely that no, … Read more

What back together? Kourtney Kardashian is the support of Scott Disick in the middle of a controversy

Kourtney Kardashian has made clear, through his reality show, which has spared no efforts in keeping your family happy and comfortable. Since I became a mother, the owner of Poosh been trying to create a good relationship with Scott Disick, who is the father of your children and which are separated in 2015. Despite the … Read more

Without limits and in the middle of the desert: Kourtney Kardashian releases of clothing for your photo

Kourtney Kardashian it is of all the sisters who ms pride you feel in sharing images that show your anatoma, even when they leave different comments of haters against his physical. With a high self-esteem, and unparalleled beauty, is encouraged to pose again in his Instagram with a suit of bao, under the sunlight in … Read more

Shakira left everyone in suspense by this message in the middle of quarantine

Shakira it has become a center of various news items in recent weeks due to various projects and publications that has occurred in their social networks. The colombian has conquered the public with some gestures and participations that you have had during the quarantine period. However, recently, the barranquilla caught the attention of their faithful … Read more

In the middle of a crisis of coronavirus, Katy Perry wears her pregnancy in California

For this whirlwind trip, Katy he wanted to go unnoticed, so I chose some leggings gray, sweatshirt (with hood he brought on), sandals, and sunglasses which, however, could not hide his identity. Katy Perry took the time to chat briefly with a few guys I arranged a bike. (Splash News/The Grosby Group.) According to the … Read more

With sexy shorts, Rosalia shows the middle finger and generates controversy

Along the quarantine Rosalia he has not forgotten his fans, posting on his account Instagram photos and videos are successful but are not exempt from controversy, as its most recent post. The Spanish singer posed very sexy in some shorts and wearing your new hair, but at the same time showing the middle finger, which, … Read more

Baby Katy Perry “salutes” to dads with the middle finger during ultrasound

Katy Perry was surprised and amused to all their fans with a video where he reaffirmed the sex of your baby and something unusual is that his daughter, has sent a funny “greeting” to their famous parents and of course to all who are looking. The singer used his account of Instagram to share one … Read more

This is how Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are raising Stormi Webster in the middle of the Coronavirus

In times of crisis, so family is everything! For many, living in quarantine in the midst of the pandemic of Coronavirus has been quite a challenge, however, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have known how to handle the situation like a true professional while still raising her daughter Stormi Webster jointly. While the star of … Read more