Ezra Miller is in trouble for attacking a fan, and already ask for your output Flash

Ezra Miller it became a topic of conversation recently, but this time it was not for breaking gender stereotypes with their clothing or anything like that. Through social networks began circulating a video where, apparently, attacking a fan grabbing it by the neck and dumping it to the ground. Because of this incident, some fans … Read more

Ezra Miller and other celebrities who have assaulted their fans – People – Culture

AFP Justin Bieber The canadian singer has been assaulted verbally and physically to his fans on several occasions. At the entrance of a concert he gave on November 22, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain, Bieber broke the lip to a fan who tried to touch your face through the window of his limo. “I’ve touched the … Read more

the shocking photo of Adara Miller which reveals unexpected news

The winner of the seventh edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’ has shared this photograph of you fresh out of the shower by his followers to have been impacted, according to the comments that you have left in your last publication. Adara Molinero has revealedin addition, a news that has surprised all those who follow his … Read more

Ezra Miller: viral video has caused fans what they want out of The Flash | Grant Gustin | Cinema and series

The last April 6, Ezra Miller became part of the Trending topics on Twitter, after appearing in a video where I would be assaulting a fan in Iceland. The material, which he quickly viralizado in the network, has led to a group of users to create a request in Change.org where they ask their expulsion … Read more

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The video evidence of the assault of Ezra Miller a fan has put the actor in the eye of the storm. While DC is evaluating its continuity as The Flashseems not to be the case of other companies with which it collaborates. Fantastic animals, the spin-off of the Harry Potter saga, you still have plans … Read more

Ezra Miller could lose his role in Fantastic beasts after assaulting a fan

Today social networks are a two-edged sword. Can be your best friends and make yourself famous in a few moments, as happened to the guy that looks like ‘Shrek Human’, or destroy your race, and the love of your fans in seconds as was the case of Ezra Miller, who after getting aggressive with a … Read more

Member of ‘Justice League’ spoke of Ezra Miller and his preparation for playing Flash

The american actor has been involved in the midst of controversy thanks to a video that became viral, but a way to support a member of ‘Justice League’ spoke of the preparation of Ezra Miller to play Flash. The images of the actor apparently choking a fan have been taken up in social networks at … Read more

We need to talk about Ezra Miller and the problematic video that seems to hang to a woman

The singer and actor Ezra Miller, who emerged to fame by starring in the film “We need to talk about Kevin”, is the feeling between men, women and people with non-binary. Is the star of the Met Gala, the fashion event of the annual most important, or in any convention of comics alike. But the … Read more

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Will Cyborg (Ray Fisher) in the film adaptation of The Flash? The fans ask this question after seeing months ago, the cameo from Ezra Miller in the final episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths, where they named Victor Stone in a surprising way. Fisher, who joined the film in the Justice League alongside Henry Cavill, … Read more