The millionaire naked Halle Berry ‘Swordfish’ which took the Oscar | Film and Television

The machismo of the film industry has generated monsters, such as Harvey Weinstein. Dozens of producers took advantage of the talent and beauty of their actresses to get more benefits at the box office thanks to a controversial nude. It is the case of Halle Berry and your Operation Swordfish 2001, where the producers and … Read more

Beyonc made a donacin millionaire in the struggle for the coronavirus

Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolieand Madonna are some of the celebrities that top the donations to those affected or the fight against the coronavirus. Now, we kno that Beyonc I decided to donate 6 million dollars that will be allocated to the population african american. The artist lend their support during and after … Read more

Selena Gomez puts a demand millionaire in this game for using her image

In addition, in the game have also been involved with other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna Selena Gomez he has presented a demand of $ 10 million against a video game on the world of fashion by use your image without your consent. The game, which is available in the application store of Apple, … Read more

Unrecognizable: As you see Beyonc and her mam before be a millionaire

The american singer Beyonc currently has great international recognition, which not only has achieved through music but also through their influence on social networks. The artist released with the group Destinys Child it is admired also as an Influencer because of her attitude, her charisma and her beauty, attributes that have made it deserving of … Read more

I solidarity! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make a millionaire contribution By the coronavirus!

Despite the fact that the 31st march is officially the resignation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of the British Monarchy, both of them have made efforts to eliminate the negative image that caused so much controversy. Currently, both Meghan as Harry they are part of the community and reside in Los Angeles, where they … Read more

Rihanna makes a donation millionaire in favor of victims of violence

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 as a result of the coronavirusthe entire world continues confined in their homes. Submerged in a quarantine total, the lives of hundreds of people have been altered, and as a result have come to light hundreds of problematic political, social and economic you have to put utmost attention … Read more

This will be the millionaire price of the first picture of Meghan Markle and Harry in Los Angeles

At the end of march of this year it was announced that Meghan Markle and prince Harry decided that Canada was not the place to live your new independent stage, away from the United Kingdom, and that preferred to his official residence outside the city hollywood by excellence: The Angels! So, despite the fact that … Read more

The millionaire divorce of Adele

Adele finally finalized his divorce with Simon Konecki. A year that made public their separation, the singer won the legal term and economic of his link that would have meant the distribution of a millionaire’s estate. The separation agreement involved the division of 186 million dollars and were able to establish the custody of their … Read more