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Create Spider-Man’s Miles Morales suit in Minecraft

The Java Edition of Minecraft has recently received an exciting new “Armor Snip” feature. The most recent Minecraft Java snapshot, version 23w04a, has redesigned the Smithing Table and added 11 new Armor Snips. And a Minecraft player decided to use his creativity to recreate the iconic costume of spider-man of …

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ElXokas makes the best kill in Extreme Minecraft

Minecraft The new Minecraft Extreme highlight featured ElXokas and Roier, and it’s a totally unexpected kill. For Ivan Castillo 01/27/2023 – 18:03 UTC 01/27/2023 – 18:03 UTC ElXokas makes the best kill in Extreme Minecraft Right now the most popular Hispanic event in twitch It’s of Extreme Minecraft, the Auronplay …

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Microsoft sets a date for Minecraft Legends for this spring

‘Minecraft Legends‘ The long-awaited action and strategy game of the franchise developed by Mojang Studios also had a prominent space in Microsoft’s “Developer_Direct”, where a release date has been announced. The installment of the ‘Minecraft’ franchise that promises to change its traditional formulation by introducing an action-based system with strategic …

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