Anonymous binds to the Trump, Naomi Campbell and Will Smith with a network of trafficking of minors [Internacional] – 31/05/2020

Mexico city.- The international group of hacker Anonymous, known activism for social issues, only to reappear again in the network via a video that showed their position in regard to the most recent police abuse in the united States, in which he died George Floyd a citizen african-american, after being arrested and being subjected to … Read more

More than 900 deportations of minors in the U.S. are accounted for in full pandemic

Getty Images Deportation continues to be one of the most controversial issues in EE..UU. even before the pandemic by COVID-19. Even at the beginning of may, it was a controversial policy to facilitate the deportation of residents, legal immigrants, that is to say, those who possess Green Card. As days pass, the numbers of infections … Read more