Designed for the mobile: how is Quibi, the platform for audiovisual content, short films |

Quibi is a platform which launches Monday in the united States and shall be specifically dedicated to submit content, short developed to be viewed on mobile devices The following is a tap with the most important of the new player of the field of streaming platforms that wants to bother to giants like Netflix, Amazon … Read more

Quibi, the streaming platform exclusively for mobile arrives in Spain

At this point anyone would think that with so much on the streaming platform we do not give for more. But the market for the transmission continues to receive new additions of all kinds. If, we may see Stranger Things NetflixThe Mandalorian in Disney Plus or Westworld in HBO. We can see Hunters in Amazon … Read more

Known Quibi the new streaming services exclusive for mobile

Recently it was released Quibi the new streaming services that handles the distinction of being exclusive to mobile devices, so we break down the most important aspects of this. Among the main aspects of this platform is that the content can be viewed by users on their mobile phones either vertically or horizontally, the videos … Read more

Chaos, the covers mobile that use celebrities (without having to pay them for it) | Present, Fashion

Chaos; so define your life the stylists Katie Lyall and Charlotte Stockdale; and so decided to appoint its own brand of luxury accessories, which launched in 2016. Their covers of phone of high quality and custom became a furious pace to the protagonists of the looks of the icons of the fashion world as Cara … Read more

Quibi is already available in Spain: short Series streaming to watch in mobile

Are we able to include more streaming platforms? The market increasingly crowded video-on-demand has a new competitor, although in this case it would be rather, the little brother of the generation Z. Quibi it has already been released by surprise on our country. And offers something quite different to the others. The platform is designed … Read more

Mobile phone users to miss out on the latest feature

Google has already retired from the company at the end of the plug? The user of the current, Huawei has informed us that they will no longer have access to the Google Apps. While the app doesn’t install, start the but. Thus, the mobile users are now spoilt for choice.

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