Mozilla and Regenerating-contribute to the development of the mobile operating system

Built on a increases with the KaiOS. In fact, the company abandoned the work on his own operating system, Firefox OS, the company’s KaiOS Technology transfer. It ought to be, above all, to update the Gecko Rendering Engine. The two companies announced the collaboration in a blog post. Since KaiOS on the Web, use Applications, … Read more

Support for the Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung mobile phones, you will soon get no more Updates

In the example of the Samsung Galaxy tab S8 and the samsung Galaxy A7, it is a good idea to understand the System from Samsung with the above-described 3-year cycle the following is a rough Plan, but it not carved in stoneBoth of these models come in the year 2017, in the market – the … Read more

Thus, the mobile phone manufacturer wants to be independent

Due to the sanctions, which the Huawei does not have access to the Google Play Store. The solution: a private App Store. In the so-called “AppGallery” is missing, but it also led to a number of popular Applications. For developers, to attract the attacks of the Huawei now turn to a clever Trick. A prominent example has shown, however, that it may be more difficult than we might think.

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Nokia’s mobile phones in order to capture a legendary role

It is difficult for Sony. After the Smartphone business is going so well, we can add one more loss. Famous as a Partner it does not change, of all things, a Nokia mobile phone – completely in the round, what’s going on, but it’s also.

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The song in the YouTube video for the Android ™ mobile a New Player, it is distributed

The YouTube Music is just on the way to a very adult, streaming music, and it is intended to replace, in the short-and long-Google-Play-Music. At this time, Google has begun to replace the screen when a video is playing, the current through the the revised. With this Change, you will land on the users of … Read more

Natti Natasha I caught! Recorded with a mobile phone dancing when I party

Since then, if a fan of reggaeton has been these days in Miamiyou may have encountered with a surprise bomb. Three, best said. And is that a trio of stars of the sector has been liándola through the streets of the american city. These have been Natti Natasha, Becky G and Karol G, which organized … Read more

Applications: Android Users beware – These are the Apps you should remove it immediately from your mobile device

In the Google Play Store, there are thousands of Applications available for Download. Now, the experts have identified again some of the apps that may cause harm. In the The Google Play Store there are a lot of defective Applications. And now, specialists in new, malicious take Applications to be identified. Protection free Viruses-Programs-Of –. … Read more