Estrenos Netflix from 29 may to 4 June: ‘space Force’, ‘Modern Family’ and more – News series

Many seasons of new and also classic films which are added to the catalog of Netflix in the next few days. Steve Carell, Sofia Vergara, George Clooney and more. Go delicacy of movies and series which we have prepared Netflix for this week, since there are titles such as space Force, Modern Family, and the … Read more

Bella Thorne starred in his own “Bonny & Clyde modern” in presenting his new film “Infamous”

Bella Thorne in his new bet movie will make a review of the history on the iconic raiders Bonnie & Clyde, in its own way, with a modern version that includes the impact of technology and social networks in his new movie named as “Infamous”. Arielle is a dreamer, with little luck, that has eager … Read more

Heresy in sports in modern times

April 10, 2020, 0:13 By Jhonah Díaz González Havana, 10 jul (Prensa Latina) Elapse days from April 2020, and the virus SARS-Cov-2 is pandemic and the planet Earth draws lessons quasi-eternal. The sports world is not alien to such teachings and plans fall like castles of cards. Nothing or no one escapes the tempest. Everything … Read more

Quibi launches its platform and “Modern Family” says goodbye

Alicia Civita Miami, 8 apr (EFE).- The launch of Quibi, a new platform of video in “streaming”, and the farewell after eleven years of the television series “Modern family”, which turned to Sofia Vergara in a recognized international star, are the main events on the small screen this week: QUIBI: THE NEW OPTION OF DIGITAL … Read more

SERIES: After 11 years on the air, Modern Family prepares a grand FINAL in an hour

SERIES: After 11 years on the air, Modern Family prepares a grand FINAL in an hour Modern Family prepares for its grand finale this Wednesday, April 8, for which their products have prepared several surprises for the last episode of the famous comic series. Modern Family prepares for their end-of-series The writers and producers of … Read more

Dies, Beatrice, the dog who gave life to Stella on ‘Modern Family’

Still have not finished the goodbyes to the team of ‘Modern Family’. Beatrice, the dog who played Stella in the series, it would have died a few days after finishing the filming of the last seasonaccording to sources reported to The Blast. The character of Stella was introduced in the second season, but it was … Read more

Ed O’neill who was worse on the last day of filming of ‘Modern Family’

After eleven seasons, ‘Modern Family’ comes to an end. The cast has already shared on several occasions his sadness for ending this series that has influenced their lives. Ed O’neill, who plays Jay Pritchett, has spoken to Ellen DeGeneres about how it was the last day of shooting, according to EW. O’neill confessed to what … Read more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: First Gameplay Video of the Battle Royale mode

In the past year, the first rumors of the Battle at eureka-Royal-mode, Ego-Shooter / Call-of-Duty. Now, with the Release of the Battle Royale seems to stand mode, but that’s a while back. The on-site Call-of-Duty-Tracker announced, it was spotted in the video portal the announcement is appropriate. However, the Banner has disappeared after a … Read more