“We have not resolved all” – Aracely Arámbula responded to those who question it because they have money and can stay home without worry

Like many celebrities, the mexican actress encourage their followers to stay at home to prevent further increasing the infections by coronaviruses. Through its account of Instagram, Aracely Arámbula he called to ask his followers to take precautions and not going out of the house, with the goal of stopping the spread of the pandemic. “I … Read more

DEFENDS – Osmariel Villalobos clarifies what you do with the money charged by a greeting (+VIDEO)

Osmariel Villalobos not take the comments that began circulating on social networks regarding that she charged for waving to his followers and clarified everything. The animator and model venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos I had commented on social networks about an app in which part as public figures who offer their greetings call Famous. According to the … Read more

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West donate money and food to charities that fight the coronavirus

The entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and the rapper Kanye West also joined the celebrities who are donating money, food and/or medical resources to combat the crisis coronavirus in the world and protect the most vulnerable people. The star of the reality show announced that it would designate 20% of the sales of his empire of underwear … Read more

The viral video of Cardi B talking about the coronavirus becomes a musical success and raises money for those affected by the virus

Cardi B is the new Internet sensation. After that the young rapper released a video expressing his concern for the coronavirusnetworks are surrendered to her by her self-confidence and spontaneity when speaking. There were even those who decided to convert the audio-visual in a song and, of course, everything that bears the unequivocal brand of … Read more