Goodbye Spider-Man! Shameik Moore reveals why not to be construed to Thousands Morales in a live-action

The news of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ do not stop, the last that has been given is that the actor who lends his voice to the protagonists of the film, Shameik Moore, has said that he will not be Thousands of Moral in a version live-action, and have a very good reason for not doing … Read more

The confession more romantic Marron on the journalist Arancha Morales

The latest installment of The Anthill he has left us one of the most unexpected moments of the program. A few times the partner of Pablo Motos, Jorge Marrón Martín-better known as ‘Marron’-, acquires a special prominence away from your sectionalthough in these last hours has been precisely what has happened. This is the first … Read more

Coronavirus: Evo Morales says that China “won the Third World War without firing”

The former president of Bolivia, spoke of a “biological warfare and”economic Source: THE NATION – Credit: Fernando Massobrio LA PAZ (AFP).- Exiled from Bolivia from November and a refugee in Argentina since December, after reporting in elections that were denounced by fraudulent, the president Evo Morales he returned to attack the current administration your country … Read more