‘Rick and Morty’ announces the release date of the rest of the fourth season, and with a spear trailer

Finally! The last time we saw a new chapter of ‘Rick and Morty’ was in December of last year. Adult Swim only had premiered the first five episodes of the fourth season, and had another five to get out. Finally the chain has dropped the bomb and announced that the may 3 return to the … Read more

‘Rick and Morty’ launches a violent short anime waiting for new episodes

Adult Swim, tv channel adult emerged from Cartoon Network, knows how to win over your audience. Its thematic diversity has managed to convince a good portion of the audience thanks to genres ranging from sitcoms to anime. This latter case is always output within the block called Toonami on Saturday night, giving rise to numerous … Read more

The best deals in merchandising: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Rick and Morty’ and ‘Toy Story’

This Wednesday, the Captain Bids you go up to the infinity and beyond to bring you the best bargains in merchandising. So if you want to laugh with ‘Rick and Morty’ or remember your childhood with sagas like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Toy Story’, there is something for everyone among the chollos pins of the week. … Read more