What Romance? Camilo spent a been Shakira that left everyone with the mouth open I Look at him!

Camilo took the opportunity to fall in love with Shakira It happened! April 17, 2020 · 14:32 hs Tutu is a original song of Camilo Echeverry, the same has had a great acceptance thanks to its infectious rhythm, this is why this topic has managed to conquer thousands of people. And in this opportunity we … Read more

The photo of Carmen Borrego teaching of more that leaves Spain with the mouth open!

April 07, 2020 (20:55 CET) Carmen Borrego was the winner of the programme ‘Come dine with me: Gourmet edition’, something that led to their home was a film set for several days and programs. The daughter of María Teresa Campos had to show your house to all of Spain and far from the glamour that … Read more

The photo of Sara Carbonero in quarantine (and the beach) that leaves us with the mouth open!

April 05, 2020 (11:35 CET) Sara Carbonero it has been an example in recent months of a woman who wants to life. Your health and the health of your partner Iker Casillas have been in question in recent times, but she has managed to come out ahead. In fact, the presenter of the Spanish has … Read more

It teaches you what is best! Natalia Barulich shared a video that will leave you with your mouth open

Natalia, at 25 years, knew how to fall in love with the reguetonero’s most famous moment. That spark between the two arose when they crossed over on the set of the recording of the video ‘Happy 4’. There, she was the protagonist and the singer was shocked by its beauty. Natalia Barulich they wowed their … Read more

Yuliett Torres came out to the street with a tiny body and left everyone with the mouth open Deadly!

Yuliett Towers not wasted any opportunity to captivate with her beauty to all sides where it is directed. This time I decided to lead with a bold body, freaking out at all. The brunette public in your wealthy account of Instagram, where more than four million followers constantly delight with their photos, a picture while … Read more

Thanks to the ability of Hailey to open a beer bottle with the mouth, she and Justin Bieber are married | Celebrity

The model featured in the program ‘The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon’, a story that helped her to resume her relationship with Justin Bieber. Hailey Baldwin said that, thanks to a trick performed on the same program with a bottle of beer a few years ago, received the call from the singer and from that … Read more

I finger the mouth! Natalia Barulich, the ex-Maluma, derrapó on Instagram… Oh Look!

What do you have? Natalia Barulich it is the model that was unable to avoid being the owner of a bunch of fans from his brand new appearance in the video for “Happy four” of the colombian Maluma. But the first to not let the beauty of the brunette it was the very singer. This … Read more

The “brutal!” salary of the infanta Elena, which leaves Spain with the mouth open

March 23, 2020 (13:40 CET) It is evident that by much the coronavirus is still the main topic of conversation these days in our country (and in the rest of the world), in Spain already other theme that is focusing a good part of the news: the problems of the Royal House. And is that … Read more