Of mutant to vampire! Jennifer Lawrence starred in a remake of a classic horror

After being a superheroine of Marvel and a rebel of a government dystopic, the Oscar winner could join the vampires to suck blood in the new version of a horror movie do it just in case ‘Dracula’ or Jennifer Lawrence starred in the remake of ‘The Hunger’? It is known that currently, the American actress … Read more

Scarlett Johansson is wrong and creates a mutant Hulk

Small error and the Black Widow Scarlett Johansson, the talk of the figure of the Hulk defines a mutant. MESSAGE of ILARIA SCOGNAMIGLIO — 17/03/2020 In a new interview, Scarlett Johansson has committed a small error define Hulk a mutantwrong full not genetically seen, that the character of Bruce has acquired Banner, his powers through … Read more