This is the meaning of the names in the Carter family

Digital Millennium Mexico city / 04.09.2019 12:14:28 Beyoncé held this Wednesday, his birthday number 38 and since the morning her husband Jay-Z and your team they partied with her and sang “Happy Birthday”. Today that the singer’s birthday, have you ever wondered where it comes from, its name? This is the explanation. It’s called Beyoncé … Read more

In the new posters of ‘Stranger Things 3’ changed the names of the protagonists

The new season of ‘Stranger Things’ is coming to Netflix, that is why to continue with the furor of the premiere, gave to know new posters of ‘Stranger Things 3’ where they change their names the protagonistsand revealing how they will be called in the new delivery. As well we will remember, Mike, Will, Dustin … Read more

USA| These are the 10 names to more original celebs put their children | Cardi B | Beyonce | Cameron Diaz | the USA | the US | united States | NNDC-NNES | Shows

It is not a secret that celebrities are always looking for exclusivity, and, of course, that is also true at the time of choosing the name for their children. In recent years, several artists have chosen to leave the traditional names in the past and have chosen other more original or less well-known to call … Read more

Sam Smith and Demi Lovato; Nea, Doja Cat… The names that have petado this week in the list | Videos | 40 to 1

This week, the list replicates the trend of the above: number one sung in Spanish, and a handful of leading artists with international success. The number one is for Nil Moliner and Dani Fernandez: both are making their debut in the top (although Dani had already led with Auryn) with Tin iron, a beautiful ballad … Read more

Here are the middle names of every Kardashian / Jenner, and their children

When it comes to the family Kardashian / Jenner, not much is known about them. The famous family has shared almost all the details of their lives with the public for over a decade. His successful reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is currently in season 18, and the family has accumulated hundreds of … Read more

Cardi B and the new vagina dress: dresses from the names of the most strange – Photos

The outfit that the rapper wore to the Met Gala, it even remembers the menstrual blood… (KIKA) – NEW YORK – That the The Met Gala 2019. with the theme Campif he had been a the concentrate of excess and extravagance it was easily predictable: on the red carpet we have seen multi-layered dresses, chandeliers, … Read more