Twitch, Pokimane becomes Ariana Grande version gamer girl in a cosplay that makes crazy the network

The famous streamer Twitch Imane ‘Pokimane‘Anys has thrilled his fans by posting on its social channels of the photo of her dressed in a Ariana Grande version of gamer girl. The cosplay came out so well that he earned a nickname: Pokiana Great. Brrr. Pokimane is the streamer and the most beloved to Twitch, as … Read more

The rate of mobile phone technology with LTE and the network and Telecommunications for 1,99 Euro: only for today

Dennis Steimels Starting from 2 Euros per month, and you can surf in a strong Telecommunication network with your phone. Here you will find all of the Details of the business Failure Rates. Update: the promotion ends today! Zoom in The accident rate in a Telecommunications network, at a super low price © Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.with … Read more