NFL: Colin Kaepernick, the new Cassius Clay fight antirracial in the united States

Colin Kaepernick in an act to the end of 2017. AFP Son the great-grandchildren of Joe Louis. The grandchildren of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. The children of Bill Russell, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe… As all these legends, a group of elite athletes blacks -or african americans, faithful to the … Read more

Venus Williams will star in a new television show with the star of the NFL Rob Gronkowski

The tennis stars are finding a way to stay relevant even in these times, where its presence is minimal. Venus Williams has found a way to keep your place on the television while staring in a programme on CBS with Rob Gronkowski. The show is called Game On and will present some challenges for amazing … Read more

Test your knowledge of the class NFL Draft 2020 with this questionnaire

You probably already know a little about the class NFL Draft 2020. Joe Burrow, the quarterback of LSU and a native of Ohio, will probably be selected. 1 by the Bengals, and, oh yes, he hates the Skyline Chili of Cincinnati. The nickname of the runner from the Ohio State Chase Young is a “Predator”, … Read more