The photo of Karol G with the one who said ‘good night’ to his fans: don Anuel AA does not approve of it!

The reggaetonera Karol G fell in love again on social networks with a photo that was, in its time, shocking. Look at how he greeted his fans on the night, does your partner Anuel AA know of this? April 23, 2020 · 11:31 pm Social networks are an environment where privacy does not exist: pictures, … Read more

It comes to light the phone call of the night that ended the marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The trials cross between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to move forward after his controversial divorce. As you know, the actress of ‘Aquaman’ had accused the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for alleged ill-treatment, and this demanded the interpreter, for attacks to the honor. Now the Daily Mail he has published a telephone … Read more

To the light the call of the night that was the final point of the marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Are we any closer to the end of the never-ending story between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? In may will celebrate four years since they put an end to a marriage full of controversy and that has given way to a series of cross-allegations (judged by) where the violence has been the weapon by both … Read more

Rihanna has a party on Instagram Live this night, and all are invited

In times of quarantine, it is countless the number of artists who have turned to streaming to bring us some live sessions: from King Krulepassing by James Blake and King Princess we have given away a little bit of music, not to mention Miley Cyrusthat they even invented a talk show live. Now, apparently, we … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown shared on Instagram her beauty routine night

Millie Bobby Brown has given with one of the best ways to care for our skin without going to a beauty salon. The protagonist of Stranger Things she shared her nightly routine on Instagram, in the company of her friend Rachel, which is to apply a facial mask of aloe vera gel before sleeping, to … Read more

You can already buy in Spain the night cream favorite Face Delevigne

The celebritieswith their public appearances where they look a skin flawless, have made us feel a great curiosity about the products and treatments which care for your skin. Something that, although it may seem that keep hiddenas if it were a State secret, some have no problem in revealing. [LEER MÁS: El producto de baño … Read more

Juana Viale took a pit-on “Angelina Jolie” to drive The night of Mirtha

Juana Viale continues to appeal to viewers of The night of Mirtha Legrand. And like all Saturdays, where it tends to wear dresses with low necklines and transparencies, wore a model of high-impact and very sensual to receive their guests. Since more than a month ago replaced his grandmother in the driving cycle following the … Read more

Our Last Night return with “Lost,” and here, you’ll find “Intentions” of Justin Bieber

Our Last Night return during this quarantine standing tensions with one of their new versions, in this case he has touched the topic “Intentions” of Justin Bieber along with the rapper Quavo. And as we already know, there is nothing more you like the band of rock/metal in addition to releasing their own material, to … Read more

Thalia breaks incredible record with the song “From this night”

Thalia breaks incredible record with the song “From this night” It is well known that Thalia and Maluma are two of the singers in Latin america more important in the world, because his music reaches to international levels, so much so that the colombian has recorded in countries such as Morocco, and Thalia is invited … Read more