“Even the darkest night ends with the rising of the sun”

The cuban actress Yuliet Cruz it has become one of the country’s artists more example of responsibility and social conscience has been demonstrating through their social networks since they began to sound the first alarm of contagion within the country because of the spread of coronavirus. The artist and her partner, the cuban singer Leoni … Read more

Fiona Apple left the cocaine after spending a night “atrocious” with Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson

Though his name is not as well known by the public as mainstream, Fiona Apple is part of a generation of cantautoras that emerged in the 90’s and that, some say, have been battered by the music press simply for not being men. Next to her are Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, PJ Harvey or Cat … Read more

– Start the reboot of ‘the Scream’ with the directors of ‘wedding Night’

‘Scream. Watch who you call’ it was one of those horror movies trend-setters. Almost anyone who has seen remember the one psychopath with the mask of the skull, one of the costumes most recurrent. Seeing that in recent years there have been confirmed remakes of other projects a few years ago, as ‘Chucky The doll … Read more

Daniel Craig laughs about the delay of ‘No time to die’ and premiered an advance on ‘Saturday Night Live’

To bad time good face. That is the motto of Daniel Craig since it was announced that the premiere of his latest film as James Bond delayed its debut seven months, until November 2020. The british actor has presented the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ during the evening of march 7 and has taken advantage of … Read more

Aggression and conduct dangerous, Cardi B is delivered to the police after a brawl at a night club

A chair, a hookah and bottles: these are the ‘weapons’ used by the rapper, and note celebrities, television, Cardi B during an attack on two bartender in a night club in New York dating back to last October 29. So, a few hours ago, the musician, already known for his behavior not to miss, it … Read more