Kim Kardashian West bought North a gift of $ 400 so that he could be like his father

When you’re Kim Kardashian West or Kanye West, you can afford to buy what you want. In the case of Kardashian, she has given some gifts to very elaborate and expensive over the years. She offered her gestures sweet and sentimental to their sisters, and even dropped to $ 750,000 once, in a 35 birthday … Read more

Kim Kardashian has details the terror she experienced when she was pregnant with North

“I literally thought that I had a miscarriage, because I was really bleeding a lot and with a lot of pain in Miami”. recalled Kim. It was then when he went to the doctor believing that he should be made a curettage. When she went to the appointment, her doctor told her: “there is No … Read more

North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian, accused of plagiarism by a youtuber

The Fashion Week of Paris has left us with great images, and one of them is the musical debut of North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The six year old girl climbed up to the catwalk in the parade of the new collection of the rapper, Yeeze Season 8, and rapeĆ³ … Read more

Kim Kardashian: North West calls his mother, who take care of their children and not their friends | eint | Shows

Kim Kardashian is usually very active on their social networks, especially in Instagram. The celebrity shares your day-to-day and their beauty products from the comfort of his mansion in Gourds, California, where it is going quarantine with their four minor children. In some live broadcasts it has been seen how the eldest daughter of the … Read more

North West confronts Kim Kardashian and ensures that you lie on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is locked from weeks ago in his mansion in Los Angeles along with their four children, all under seven years old, and trying to manage his multibillion-dollar empire in the distance. In your case, that means keep updating your social networks such as Instagram often to deliver content to their fans, but it … Read more

North West scolds Kim Kardashian for hiding it

During the quarantine period, several celebrities have shared endless experiences and activities with their fans through their social networks, and of course that Kim Kardashian it is not the exception. Now, just upload a minitutorial of makeup to learn the art of contouring and how to fix quickly at home. While this type of tutorial … Read more

Kim Kardashian make up, and their daughter North West the surprise

LOS ANGELES (united States).- Kim Kardashian it was a tutorial of a glamorous makeover for their fans, when their eldest daughter, North West, decided to make an appearance improvised. The founder of SKIMS shared a beauty routine in the home, due to the quarantine in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID-19. Filming the … Read more

Nolan North, voice of Nathan Drake, says emocionarle more The Last of Us HBO the movie of Uncharted

Although the delay in the release of The Last of Us Part II coronavirus indefinitely, we’ve thrown a jug of cold waterthat doesn’t mean that many continue to still waiting with eager to the projects related to the game. Although, if you remember well, the series was not going to start its production until the … Read more

North of the pass, for the Windows password Manager, NordVPN into Test

Those who don’t want to start on the green Meadow, you can import data from many different password managers. The Pass in the north, for example, it supports all the major browsers, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, as well as a master password Manager, like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass, or BitWarden. In particular, however, is automated … Read more