I offer to leave Elite! Esther Expósito and Danna Paola I tempted! Netflix the lost!

March 25, 2020 (16:09 CET) Without a doubt, one of the few good news that we have had during the crisis of the coronavirus, has been the third season of Elite. The series of Netflix was released just the next day that it was issued by the state of alarm in Spain and swept at … Read more

Distributors Spanish offer their latest releases on-demand before the crisis of the coronavirus

This health crisis has made closure of many establishments, as all the movie theaters. As yet we do not know until when will I be able to lengthen this situation, the distributors are looking for alternatives for the releases provided to reach the viewer. Universal Pictures made the first step and now the distributors Spanish … Read more

Movistar, Vodafone, Orange TV, MásMóvil and Yoigo offer content child free for the coronavirus

The coronavirus is the central theme of our lives and will remain so the next few weeks and the consequences of the pandemic reaching all areas of our life. In this case, Movistar, Vodafone, Orange TV, MásMóvil and Yoigo have just announced a series of temporary measures to quarantine in Spain, and to help families … Read more

The fire TV Stick 4K on the offer

The HDMI Dongle is, for almost all of the TV’s for 29,99 Euro sold The fire TV Stick 4K will cost 34,99 Eur. Both Media Markt and Saturn, as well as at Amazon, the Fire TV Stick, along with Alexa’s voice to the remote control in the shop. With a strike price of around 40 … Read more

iPhone, 11 in Aldi: How good is the offer?

Kris Wallenburg Aldi’s sells the popular iPhone, with 11, but it’s worth the trade? And it goes even cheaper? All the Details you will find here. Zoom in Aldi’s sells the iPhone in 11, but the offer is to be treated with some caution. © Apple/Aldi In the case of the Aldi Talk iPhone ” … Read more

Rare-Nintendo-Playstation-the auction – the seller accepts the previously-million offer

It’s a Nintendo Game, it’s one of the few islands in the world. They never went into production, and it is worth a fortune, but, apparently, it is not for everyone. In early March, a prototype of which was the – Nintendo, Playstation offered for auction. The prototype is one of the most expensive Video … Read more

Galaxy S20, with an agreement to buy so many things that you have to save it with the Bundle Offer

Smartphone Legal Fee (one time only) Cost (per month) The Cost (For 24 Months) To Offer Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-5 the o2-Free, Unlimited-Max.):• On The O2 Network• unlimited amount of data (LTE)• max. 225 MBit/s Connection-Price: 39,99 EurosPer Unit Price: 1 EuroVersandkosten: 4,99 Euro 94,99 EUR 2325,74 Euro To Offer Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-5 o2 … Read more