The box office in the five main Latin american markets, to detail

Film&Tv recently launched a section dedicated to analyzing the box office in Latin american through the data in the territories of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile (you can read the first article here). Then, we continue reviewing what they gave of themselves in these markets in the month of February, before the outbreak international … Read more

Prosecutor’s office of los Angeles sum to a third victim of sexual abuse against Weinstein

The exmagnate of Hollywood, of 68 years, already complies with a sentence of 23 years in New York, where a court found it guilty of rape and sexual abuse. By: AFP 05:31 PM / 10/04/2020 The exmagnate of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually abusing a third victim, which adds to the open case … Read more

VRUTAL / director of Birds of Prey, speaks of its failure at the box office

Birds of Prey has been a failure for Warner Bros at the commercial level. The director of the film. Carhy Yan has spoken in The Hollywood Report, how is disappointed by the agravioscomparativos and the negative messages put forward by some fans because of the perspective or the tone of the film. “I know that … Read more

The box office american continues to raise thanks to the few autocines that remain open

14 rooms, us, 13 of them autocines, remain open despite the threat of coronavirus. So what account the web american Deadline also says that these struts of entertainment that still maintain the type before the health crisis, can be found all over the countryfrom South Carolina to Florida, through Texas, Arizona or Missouri. Despite this … Read more

The director of ‘Birds of prey’ opinion about the feeling of failure of box office: “Perhaps we were not prepared”

Few films have had time to shine at the box office so far this year due to the coronavirus. However, ‘Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ was not highly affected by the pandemic, or the closure of the cinemas. Despite this, and being a movie with Margot Robbie again as Harley … Read more

John Krasinski and Steve Carell “gather” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘The Office’

Last may 24 was celebrated the 15th anniversary of the premiere on NBC’s ‘The Office’, the successful comedy led by Steve Carell that was nine seasons on the air, it was nominated for 42 Emmy awards, which took five, and has left a mark in the history of television. Share with ‘Friends’ the title of … Read more

The coronavirus falls in the box office american up to a historical minimum

The coronavirus is still expanding and destroying everything wherever it happens. With Europe mired already in the chaos, The united states is starting to notice the effects of COVID-19 both at a social level, as, of course, in your economy. With most of the cinemas in the country closed, the numbers at the box office … Read more

‘Onward’ also gets one of the worst premieres of Pixar at the box office Spanish

‘Onward’, the new tape, original, Pixar, has not ended by pointing out all that should be. This new production of the acclaimed study of ‘Toy Story’ or ‘inside out (Inside Out)’ has been premiered at the global level with data very loosely, a pattern that has also been held in Spain. Premiered 368 in cinemas … Read more

Microsoft Office 365: Skype, as well as the team get closer to the end of the first quarter

Image: Microsoft As of the end of March, the Skype team and platform from the user, you should be able to cross-communicate using the Office 365 with one another. Once the function has been enabled in Office 365, the Administrator, the users of Skype, as well as, team chat, and your VoIP you can make … Read more