Karla Panini ensures that neither she nor her husband have been ordered to threaten the Piñatería Ramirez

The former wagtail appears with the peculiar apron of his character and the legend “get the husband’s friends”, was accompanied by Americo Garza, who was dressed in black and with the message “love to give me an introduction to your friend.” SEE MORE The popular challenges of TikTok that made celebrities of mexican during the … Read more

Netflix ordered a series based on Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire

The adaptation of Sweet Tooth I would have found a new home. After Hulu ordered a pilot for a series based on the comics of Jeff Lemire late last year, now everything indicates that the project would be in the hands of Netflix. While the streaming platform is still not concrete any kind of official … Read more

Netflix ordered Sweet Tooth, the series produced by Robert Downey Jr.

Sweet Tooth, it was a project initially planned as a series Hulu, will changing the seal Netflixfrom where you ordered since the first season. The same saw the light in the production house Team Downeyof Robert Downey Jr.along with Warner Bros. Television. Jim Mickle and Beth Schwart will be the showrunner; two authors decidedly interesting: … Read more