Pampita to what Kylie Jenner: put to the test your children with fun viral

Through its account of Instagram, the model transandina Pampitashared a fun challenge viral that you made with your children Bautista, Beltran and Benicio. The challenge is llamaa “Cndy Challenge”that became viral when Kylie Jenner put to the test the patience of Stormi, leaving sweets on the table that may not be eaten until the adult … Read more

To what Kylie Jenner, Pampita challenged their children with a test of obedience

Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain in the middle of the quarantine became a challenge viral with their children. Bautista, Beltran and Benicio did an amazing test of patience and self-control that surprised in the social networks. “At home we also did the challenge do You what brother you identificás?“he wrote the top Instagram. The game consists of … Read more

Is it made on purpose? Santiago Artemis confessed to who you prefer to wear… it’s Not Pampita!

Santiago Artemis is a fashion designer and avant-garde. Identifies himself as a “Dalí and Warhol” Latin-american. The recognized fashionista had the opportunity to dress major international figures such as Katy Perry, Tyra Banks, and Britney Spears. However, the young are increasingly engaged with the models argentinas and they already have preferred. Related News Through its … Read more