The NASA Rover, Curiosity, is a 1.8-Gigapixel Panorama of the surrounding area

NASA has left its Curiosity Rover, which is the greater Panorama of the Martian surface record. More than 1000 individual images, and the composition of the photo, made up of 1.8 billion pixels, and shows the present-day environment of the vehicle is on a slope of a mountain, Aeolis Mons, the crater Gale. As the … Read more

Mars panorama-Curiosity Rover panorama photo sessions in a log-resolution of

The focus on Mars With 1.8 billion pixels it contains, the 360-degree Panorama shot by Curiosity on Mars. With the help of the camera on the Mast of NASA’s Rover, scanned the area around 1200 photos. Right now, the US space Agency (esa) has combined all of the stuff in the picture for the single, … Read more