Man buys tons of paper per covid-19; now he asks that you get your money back

AUSTRALIA.- Before the pandemic coronavirus, covid-19, some people considered it a good idea to buy packages of toilet paper per ton, such is the case of a man in Australia after acquiring 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet, recently was given the task of returning to the grocery store with the hope that you … Read more

The reason why the fourth season of ‘house of paper’ is being harshly criticized

06/04/2020 – 14:25 Updated: 06/04/2020 – 14:25 This text contains ‘spoilers’ of the fourth season of ‘house of paper’ The fourth part of ‘The house of paper’ it is located in the point of look at. Netflix has put all the meat on the grill in the new chapters of one of its star products, … Read more

Jedet opinion on the controversy of the character trans Belén Cuesta in ‘The house of paper’

One of the issues most commented these past few days, leaving to one side all the information about the state of the pandemic, it is the controversy over the role of the actress Belen Cuesta in the fourth season of The house of paper, Netflix premiered last Friday. In this batch of episodes, the actress … Read more

United kingdom, the market that is most resistant to ‘The House of Paper’

The latest study by the consulting firm Parrot Analytics on demand of global television in the third quarter of 2019 confirms, once more, the enormous popularity of The House of Paper. The production of Vancouver Half, that this Friday premieres its fourth season on Netflix, ranks second on the fiction view in Latin american countries … Read more

The creator of ‘The house of paper’ see “many possibilities” to make spin-offs of the series

Since ‘The house of paper’ has returned to Netflix with a fourth season has colonized the conversation seriéfila. But many of them have lasted a sigh, given the quarantine. What do we do now until the band Teacher? It’s not even officially confirmed a fifth installment, although everything points to yes it will happen. Álex … Read more