Jamie Lorente (‘The House of Paper’): “Denver has a macho behavior, but is open to see why it has”

‘The House of Paper’ is coming to Netflix with its Part 4 to enliven the quarantine. The thousands of fans all over the world are already eager to know how will the risky heist of the band to the Bank of Spain. Part 3 ended with all the frames that are more open than ever, … Read more

Clara Alvarado, actress of ‘The house of paper’, works as a nurse to combat coronavirus

The solidarity of these last few weeks has been really touching. We have seen our actors and actresses national to be involved to curb the expansion of the coronavirus. The actress Clara Alvarado, with training as a nurse, has decided to return to this profession to help combat this pandemic. So has announced its agency … Read more

James Gunn has begun to use toilet paper with the face of Michael Rooker for the quarantine of the coronavirus

The already reconocidísimo director of the saga ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is working in ‘The Suicide Squad’ and he has commented on social networks an unexpected effect of the quarantine coronavirus in your home. The pandemic of COVID-19 has been forced to take action in the affected countries and the main consequence is that the … Read more

Alba Flores: “‘The house of paper’ is not a feminist series, not by a long shot”

In full pandemic of the coronavirus, the Resistance is about to return to save us. At least save us from boredom. Part 4 of ‘The house of paper’ comes to Netflix on April 3, and we have been able to talk about the series with Alba Flores and Darko Peric, who interpret to Nairobi and … Read more

‘The house of paper’: the countdown has begun in the new teaser of the Part 4

‘The house of paper’ takes several years to be one of the most successful series of Spanish production, and since its premiere on Netflix, its popularity has not stopped growing. And just wait until the next April 3 to return to the fast-paced action of the band and get the answers that we expect as … Read more

Itziar Ituño, Lisbon ‘The house of paper’, has given positive in coronavirus

Spain is being one of the areas most important in the world in the pandemic of coronavirus, with nearly 15,000 infected and more than 700 deaths in the whole country according to the latest data. Luckily, 80% of those infected carry the disease with mild symptoms, and it is the case of all the celebrities … Read more

The parody of Javier Berridy about the lack of toilet paper in Miami for the coronavirus

The comedian cuban Javier Berridy has become to pull your great sense of humor to bring out the funny side to one of the big problems we are facing today more than half the world: the pandemic of coronavirus. On this occasion, the comedian has I want to emphasize one of the major concerns that … Read more

Coronavirus: Youtuber mexicano launches the “GIVEAWAY” of toilet paper

Coronavirus: Youtuber mexicano launches the “GIVEAWAY” of toilet paper Werevertumorro whose real name is Gabriel Montiel, is known for his unique sense of humor in their videos Youtubebecause they often share sketches on the themes of time and now the youtuber mexican was not long in joining the memes with a fun giveaway of toilet … Read more