The Software update for the samsung Galaxy Smartphones: the importance of the Android Patch is seems to be on the hunt for more and more and more phones from Samsung

Google has published in its monthly Patch update, for the safety and security of the March of the Android, many of you spotted in the month-on-month, the security gaps in the information that is available directly from Google. Updates on a monthly basis to find for the Samsung, and to adapt them to a home … Read more

Now the gap in the Critical Ghostcat patch:” Apache-Tomcat-release from 6.0 to

Chinese security researchers have discovered on the Apache-Tomcat as a web server, or on the container, written in Java, and web-based applications in a breach-of-security-review. In the name of “Ghostcat, in accordance with the gap in the Tomcat binary that is used by the communication Protocol. The Apache JServ Protocol (AJP). (Image: A remote … Read more