The beautiful mansion in The Hamptons that Rihanna wants to pay almost 19 million dollars

Rihanna has been very busy the last two years of his life increasing every day, ms of their new business related to your brand “Fenty”, which impacts significantly on your fortune. The barbadense you already have a lot of time residencia in London, in part, by everything that your company is concerned with; however, the … Read more

Ariana Grande and Katy Perry to pay the bail of the detained – News

Artists like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Harry Styles decided to show solidarity with the protesters who were arrested in the middle of the protests for the murder of George Floyd and paid their bail. The artist The Weeknd, for his part, gave half a million dollars to different organizations that work for … Read more

Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and other celebrities pay the bail of detainees in the U.S.

In the united States and various parts of the world, protests continue by the wave of outrage unleashed after the death of George Floyd in the middle of a police arrest, so that several celebrities, such as Ariana Grande, have decided to contribute their grain of sand to pay the bail of the detainees. Some … Read more

Katy Perry and Harry Styles pay bail to those arrested in the protests of the united States

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more artists have decided to pay the bail of those arrested in the protests. It is a clear signal of support for everything that is happening in the united States after the murder of George Floyd. Currently the entire planet has been united in a single side. The global outrage … Read more

Halsey, Harry Styles and others pay bail of protesters by George Floyd

The united states goes through a time of tension due to the protests of several people who demand justice for the murder of George Floyd. MEXICO CITY.- The united states goes through a time of tension due to the protests of several people who demand justice for the murder of George Floyd. In this situation, … Read more

Kendall Jenner will have to pay 90 thousand dollars for the fraud of Fyre Festival

The model Kendall Jenner would have received $ 275,000 as compensation for promoting on your social networks and other means of celebration, in the year 2017, the so-called Fyre Festival that, finally, ended up constituting a complete fraud to offer -charging ahead – a number of luxuries and amenities to their attendees that never would … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: “The pay inequity sparked a fire in me” | People and Celebrity

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the faces most well-known of Hollywood. After his participation in the saga of The hunger gamestheir successes in the box office are the norm, and the international awards they begin to count by tens. However, the charismatic actress of 28 years has decided to take this year to focus on … Read more