Cristina Pedroche dropped the towel when exiting the shower: I Photo bomb!

March 15, 2020 (12:53 CET) Not to. Cristina Pedroche it is one of the it girls most requested Spain. The marks are given cakes to get the vallecana is one of their pretty faces. Madrid has become one of the influencers most followed on social networks. With more than 2.6 million followersof Vallecas you will … Read more

Cristina Pedroche takes it all (and what you see in the mirror is the bomb)

12 of march 2020 (11:12 CET) Cristina Pedroche not to. Literally. As you well know, the followers of the Vallecas, Cristina and David form a couple that, when they are not working, squeeze your free time all they can. Considering that they have the two an agenda rather than a tight, travel and getaways are … Read more

The vice (and very bad) that David Munoz calle de Cristina Pedroche (and be seen in this photo)

March 10, 2020 (15:31 CET) Cristina Pedroche has passed a week-end of dream. The collaborator of Zapeando has been in Formigal together with her husband, David Muñoz, enjoying the scenery and the snow. The influencer has given us a few pictures in which you see skiing, as well as in so affectionate with the chef. … Read more

An igloo in the snow! This is the spectacular hotel Cristina Pedroche and David Muñoz

March 09, 2020 (12:40 CET) Cristina Pedroche is one of those celebrities that shares everything with his followers. And, of course, could not miss their first videos skiing. And that is, as she herself has explained in his latest publications, he had never practiced this sport, so wanted to share his first experience skiing with … Read more

The Supreme Court is loaded Cristina Pedroche with a sentence devastating. Last time

07 of march 2020 (12:26 CET) Cristina Pedroche is up in the soup. It is the belief of some of his followers or rather his “haters”, that it is true has many. However their fans are more. In the social networks with 2.6 million and is not surprising because the vallecana knows how to set … Read more

The infidelity of Cristina Pedroche that triumphs in the world of tele

March 06, 2020 (13:20 CET) As was to be expected after the several publications polemics of Cristina Pedroche in the last few days in your account Instagramthe name of the collaborator The Anthill and Zapeando been in the mouth of all in the world of television. Among other things because many consider that he has … Read more