Kylie Jenner shows her perfect curls of her daughter Stormi recently raised

The small two year old has beautiful hair. Stormi, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is still stealing the attention in the social networks with its beauty and sweetness. Some days ago, the famous entrepreneur shared in their stories of Instagram videos of his daughter, newly lifted with the hair loose, showing his … Read more

The luxurious manicure Selena Gomez with glitter and stones perfect for the season

You will look beautiful with this stunning design of the singer. Selena Gomez is the manicure most spectacular and awe-inspiring to look beautiful during the quarantine period. Your manicurist, Tom Bachik, showed one of the manicure, which has made him the famous celebrity and has caused a sensation in the network. “Go back to some … Read more

All eyes fixed on Hailee Steinfeld and your perfect mini dress lilac at the MTV Movie Awards 2017

Hailee Steinfeld didn’t let the rain stop and, despite the time, launched all out with this gorgeous minidress in shades of lilac. A styling very millennial and originalas anyone who has accustomed us actress and singer. This is all added to the glitter, ornaments and embellishement of the design, making it one of the favorite and best-dressed of the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards 2017.

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Chris Pratt is Indiana Jones in this perfect video ‘deepfake’

MADRID, 15 May. (CulturaOcio) – Recently the fandom blown away with the version Deepfake of Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. converted into Marty McFly and Doc Brown in ‘Back to the future’. Thanks to this technique, the followers were able to get an idea of how it would be a reboot with both actors. … Read more

Anna Kendrick revealed what it will never happen with Pitch Perfect Do you Guess?

This December has been special for many things, especially for the long-awaited return of the Beautiful in Pitch Perfect 3. The funny and talented girls of the famous group of academic music a cappella returned this 2017 for a final chapter, and as recently pointed out by Anna Kendrickthe only way that Pitch Perfect come … Read more

Anna Kendrick makes the perfect imitation of Kristen Stewart and you have to see it

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE Trust us, this will be the best part of your day. Fans Pitch Perfect know that Anna Kendrick can act and sing. But in the episode of the Monday of The Tonight Show the actress has proved that it is also a very good doing imitations, or at least doing … Read more